Our Mission

We are a public based organisation working toward alleviating poverty in the greater Western Cape areas through various community-based initiatives/ projects.


The Good Hope Foundation is a section 18A non-profit organization (…assisting aids, cancer, abandoned, abused, neglected as well as the underprivileged) and has been in existence since 3rd March 2001. We have had many fundraising projects and will continue to to so in future. Our projects include food parcel projects, aids awareness, toy-for-joy, fitrah, parcels and serving the community wherever possible.

Our long term goal is to establish a shelter and run the foundation from there. The main objective is to utilize the street people/s inborn skills and talents in creating long-term stability, both in terms of finances and capacity of the destitute, as well as providing food, clothing and support on a daily basis.

Our History

Good Hope Foundation was established in 2002 in a backyard wendy house dwelling in Hanover Park. Growing up in one of the most crime infested areas in the Cape Flats made us mindful of how much the surrounding community needed upliftment. The joint conviction and commitment of a few people to making a real difference in the lives of the poor drove the vision forward.

We started out by raising funds to buy groceries to cook and serve to the community. This initiative saw growth and it soon became clear that our humble little wendy house dwelling did not provide adequate space for the number of people being fed. With ongoing daily gangsterism and violence, we also grew concerned about the safety of the people and set out to find larger premises.

Thankfully, we were able to move to Athlone to bigger premises. Although we needed to raise more funds in order to pay rent, we were able to assist more people with our feeding initiative. It was here where our hearts opened up especially toward the elderly people who walked long distances for meals in order to take their chronic medication.

Over 16 years later and we’re still serving our communities with pride and love. The joint conviction of reaching out to the poor, vulnerable and destitute continues to drive the energy of our initiative. With various community-based projects focusing on assisting orphans, elderly, rehabilitation, cancer, AIDS, TB, schools etc. we are grateful for being able to make a difference by restoring hope to our communities.

Our Purpose & Values

Good Hope Foundation strives to provide the best quality of life to all people. Regardless of color, creeds, gender or status quo.

To show compassion to all who is suffering or who is in need and to contribute to the well being of the people within the communities.

To educate not just children but elders too, so they can realize and maximize their potential.

  • Trust

  • Integrity

  • Respect And Transparency

  • Teamwork And Partnerships

  • Pro-active Entrepreneurs

  • Streetwise Approach

  • Constant Innovation

  • Financial Development

  • Committed To Excellence

  • Being Part Of Something Special

Yours In The Welfare Of Our People

The joint conviction and commitment of a few people to making a real difference in the lives of the poor drove the vision forward.

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